Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday-Recap of City Girls Mountain Retreat

Hello and Happy Monday! 

Yesterday got up to 72 degrees near the Smoky's and now, less than 24 hours later, it is 34 and snowing. As a former Southern Cali inhabitant, all I can say is, "WTH?!" 

This past weekend, I was away on my first ever scrapbooking retreat with some of the City Chicks from Scrappin' in the City ( and other fellow scrappers. Sara and Tonya hosted the Dr. Seuss themed retreat. There was an adorable gift bag with red, white, and blue Glaze pens accompanied by blue polka dot washi tape, Seuss-themed cupcakes with tufts of blue cotton candy on top (think Thing 1 and Thing 2) and blue T-Shirts with a poem written in Seuss lettering especially for the weekend. Some of us even had incredible massages by Danae Miley of Open Hands Musculotherapy. Danae set-up shop on the bottom floor and we would eagerly await to see each other walk back up the stairs with the "massage drunk look." There were 11 of us in a three-story cabin that can best be described as "woodsy weird". We had great fun discussing the backstory of these decor choices.

Tonya was freaked out by the claws.

That is a stuffed moose hanging by his overalls in the middle.

Its eyes or lack thereof were disturbing.

Gotta have a mounted fish.

And a Back to the Future pinball machine.

I didn't get photos of the creepy framed clown print or the mounted deer head. ;) We had a great time and I must say that it was the most productive crop I have ever been to. City Chick Lou had around 25+ pages completed (all 12 x 12) and all of them gorgeous! City Chick Tonya completed around the same (there was a bit of a friendly competition between the two). There were also fantastic layouts by Jamie, Melissa, Debbie, Monica, Sara, and Cricket as well as a gorgeous burlap wreath adorned with paper flowers by Betsye. So many awesomely creative people in one place! And let's not forget the incredible chocolate pudding cake made by "Sara Two"! I love scrappin' in the South!

Table mates Monica, Debbie & Lou hard at work.

The Seussical scrappers.

Betsye, Cricket, & Sara showin' off the cute T-shirt backs.

City Chicks Lou, Sara, & Tonya.

I thought I would share some of the projects I completed over the long weekend. This first one was the remaining pages of my sis-in-law's wedding scrapbook. This was my first ever Project Life-hybrid creation and am so happy to be able to send it off to her!

The second project was a book cover for housing my nephew's 18th birthday and graduation cards. Look at the cute CTMH mustache stamp! (Thanks Jamie for getting me hooked).

The third project I completed was my brother's 8x8 graduation album. He received his Masters in Social Work in 2012.

The last project I completed was scrapping an 8x8 of my "mustache bash" that I hosted a few years ago while still living in CA. I got to use all of the cute mustache stickers and embellishments I had been collecting for the past couple of years! I used a mix of MME's Chalk Studio/Studio II and Simple Stories' 24/7 as well as We R's Snapshot cards by Teresa Collins.

The best part of the whole weekend was when I came home to a clean house, happy pups and a proud Giant who rattled off everything he had accomplished around the house. I would like to take this opportunity to publicly acknowledge the Giant's accomplishments and that I truly appreciate his efforts. I've got another retreat coming up at the end of April (maybe the Giant can do some painting and planting?)

Thanks for stopping by and stay scrappy.

-Gina & the Hounds