Meet the Hounds!

Welcome to my blog! This has been something I have wanted to do for ages but work and school always managed to get in the way. Now that I am lucky enough (thanks to a successful and awesome hubby) to have the time to pursue my interests, I proudly present to you Scrappin’ with Hounds. I would first like to introduce my children with paws, a.k.a. the hounds in Scrappin’ With Hounds, Biscuit, Baxter, Bailey, & Booker. They are the subject of many of my scrapbook layouts and keep me company when I am busy being creative in my craft room.  They also will be spoken about a lot in this blog (if the title didn’t tip you off to this already).
The eldest pooch is Biscuit “Handsome-Snaggletooth” Bates. Handsome (as we prefer to call him) is a Chihuahua mix with a prickly personality. He is extremely loyal to me and affectionate to my husband when it suits him. He was adopted a little over 6 years ago and will be 7 this July. He enjoys chicken jerky treats (or CJT’s), chasing squirrels, giving “paw”, snuggling on my shoulder, and administering lots of slow, wet, kisses in the nostrils (mostly to the hubby). 
The middle child is a Shih-Tzu/Lhasa Apso mix names Baxter Bear Bates. Baxter Bear or “The Baxman” was adopted a little over 5 years ago and will be 6 years old this May.  As you can see, Bax’s distinguishing characteristic is his magnificent mohawk which invokes images of Gremlins, especially Spike. As an added precaution, we do not feed him after midnight and limit his bathing. He enjoys chasing squirrels, burrowing under the covers, speaking, and chasing the ball.
The newest addition to the Bates family came to us this past September. as the youngest, Bailey “Doxygurl” Bates is approximately a year old. She is a mini dachshund/mini poodle/pekingese mix who is feisty and extremely lovable.  She has my hubby wrapped around her little paw. She enjoys chewing, barking, snuggling. twirling, playing chase with her brothers, eating cat poo, and treats.
The last child (who is actually the eldest) is not represented in the “Pooch” part of this blog’s name, is the grouchy feline, Booker T.  He is a very special boy who has overcome great odds in his 13 years.  He is a three-legger and employs the famous finishing move of his namesake, the Spinnerooni. (Hubby named him after the WWE wrestler.  I suspect the spinning is due to the missing appendage).  He is very vocal as he lets us know when he needs love, attention, or food by loud grunts.  His version of snuggling is displayed in forceful head butts to the nose. Booker tolerates the existence of the hounds but refuses to be intimated by them, as evidenced by the slash scar on Biscuit’s nose.
My hope for this blog is to inspire some creativity, get connected with the many talented scrapbookers/artists out there, and to continue to learn from this wonderful hobby.  As they say, it is cheaper than therapy, though my husband still needs some convincing of this.
Stay Scrappy!