Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Whimsical DIY Decor in 10 Steps

Happy Thursday friends! What?! Two back-to-back posts? Oh yeah! Today, I depart the world of scrapbooking and show you a paper crafting/altered/mixed media project. I've been working on *her* for sometime, trying to perfect and streamline the process so you too can create your own whimsical creature. Allow me to introduce you to "Domestic Goddess."

What you will need:

Paper mâché bust 
Wooden candle pillar 
Acrylic or wall paint (I used Ultra Flat Matte UL200 in Petal Bloom sample from Behr)
150-grit sand paper or Dremmel with sanding attachment
Hazel & Ruby "Pass the Tissue" paper (I used Teal Then/White Polka Dot)

Teresa Collins Basically Essential Modeling Paste
Teresa Collins Basically Essential Palatte Knife Set
Mod Podge (I used Hard Coat formula)
2 paintbrushes-one for painting and one for decoupaging
Hot glue gun
Hot glue gun "finger" or Mod Podge finger (to protect from burns)
Jewelry wire
Washi tape
Kraft paper cardstock 
Heidi Swapp Color Mist (I used Blush)
White feathers (3 bags)
X-Acto knife
Pearl Pen (I used "Cream")
Heat gun (to speed up drying)
Baby wipes

Step 1: Cut tissue paper in four 1.5" strips and cut 1.5" squares from each strip. Apply Mod Podge to back of tissue paper squares and to the area of the bust you'll be working on. Apply tissue square to bust and smooth out using finger. Apply a thin coat of Mod Podge to the top of the tissue. Repeat many times until you get the desired coverage. I created a V-neck at the top of the bust.

Step 2: While bust is drying, begin work on the wings. Draw a wing shape (the size can vary) on one piece of kraft cardstock. Cut out and trace wing on second sheet of kraft cardstock.

Step 3: Shape jewelry wire around wing shapes to create a frame for each wing. Attach with washi tape. Leave an end piece (where the two ends of your wire will meet). 

Step 4: Mix about 4 large palatte knife-fuls of modeling paste with 10 pumps of Color Mist for each wing. Mix well until you achieve desired color. Apply tinted paste to one side of each wing (make sure you have wings oriented in the correct direction for each side of the bust). The more lines you create, the more texture. Continue until you have reached desired coverage (covering all kraft paper, wire, and washi) and texture. You can speed up the drying some with a heat gun. Allow to harden. 

(Note: I originally applied the paste after I had feathered. I recommend applying the paste before feathering so you don't get paste on the feathers!)

Step 5: Time to sand the candle pillar. (Make sure to move wings and bust out of the way before starting this step so you don't get wood dust stuck to your drying pieces.) If you have a Dremmel, you can do this step fairly quickly. If not, just grab a piece of 150-grit sandpaper and begin sanding. This is so the paint will stick better and will keep you from having to add a second coat.

Step 6: Wipe off pillar with a baby wipe to remove dust and clean up work space. Apply paint to pillar, focusing on any nooks and crannies it may have. I used one coat of Behr's Ultra in Petal Bloom which gave it a chalky texture. You can use acrylic paint as well which will give you a different finish.

Step 7: While candle pillar is drying, begin work on the other side of the wings, making sure the modeling paste has set if you opted to use it. Begin hot gluing feathers to each wing. Select feathers with a natural bend to go around the edge of the wing first then work toward the middle. Apply hot glue to the "stems" so as not to have yellow, gluey spots in the middle of your feathers. Continue until you have desired coverage. Trim around the edges if needed to "shape" your wings.

I used this brand of feathers.

Step 8: Making sure bust is dry, cut two small slits in the back with an X-Acto knife where end pieces of your wings will be inserted. Insert wings and secure with hot glue, smoothing out the glue do it doesn't leave big visible globs. Use dots of hot glue to secure wings to back of the bust. Apply a small strip of tissue to cover the area where the wings are inserted to give a smoother finish.

Step 9: Apply dots with Pearl Pen to create a pearl necklace around the bust's neck.

Step 10: Making sure the pillar is dry, hot glue bottom of bust to top of candle pillar. 

Your Domestic Goddess lives! She will make a fun addition to a craftroom or a whimsical accent piece to your home decor...and you can say that you made it! There are many ways you can personalize this project, the possibilities are endless! If you attempt this project, please send pics, I would love to see them!

Thanks for stopping by and stay scrappy (and crafty!)

-Gina & the Hounds