Friday, April 4, 2014

Croptopia-Day 1

Happy Saturday! So as my previous post stated, I am at Croptopia Weekend Getaways' Tennessee Spring Fling weekend.

The first person I met was a Close to my Heart rock star consultant, Tonya Sheridan, whom I think may be the nicest, generous person I've ever met (you will see why). She is working the crop all weekend and has an impressive set-up. She is teaching a make and take today with a product called Flip Flaps that I am very much looking forward to. She took time out of her busy schedule to give me invaluable business advice. 

Friday was an eventful day...not because of the photo scavenger hunt or dancing around the room every time the song "Happy" is played, or even cropping, (which I did little of). 

Dancing for tickets @ Tenessee Croptopia-Day 1.

It's because my payment for the one night stay package wasn't communicated correctly to Susan Shallo, (the organizer of the event) and the Holiday Inn was oversold by 3 guests. As my mother would say, "this could only happen to me." Susan took care of it, however, and promptly refunded that portion of the package in addition to asking Tonya (CTMH rock star) who had a double room, if I could room with her. Being the generous, kind soul Tonya is, she agreed. I ran out and got her a Starbucks sipper cup and gift card to show my appreciation. I love meeting awesome people!  I will report on the upcoming gift basket auction, layout contest, and Flip Flap make & take later today.

Stay scrappy!

-Gina & the Hounds