Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Wall Decor for the Hounds

Happy Hump Day with the Hounds! It was a very scary Monday night/Tuesday morning for us as I'm sure it was for many Knoxvillians. I lived in earthquake country all my life but this recent storm that just passed through really had my nerves rattled. I received a tornado warning on my cell phone accompanied by a shrill alarm with the words "take shelter now." I received this alert twice. The Giant was in Atlanta on the 6th floor of a hotel (that must have been scary since they were getting hammered as well) so it was only the hounds and I that quickly ran to our safe spot...the closet underneath the stairs.

During the first alarm, the hounds were put in their carriers which they DID NOT like. Bailey worked herself up into a frenzy, yipping and panting. After it was safe to come out, I decided to leave their harnesses on, just in case. I'm so glad I did because less than 30 min. later, the 2nd alarm sounded. We finally passed out around just after 2am, with the cell phone right next to my pillow. It was scary for sure but thankfully, we escaped damage and no one was hurt.  Southern TN was not so lucky nor the three states beneath us. My heart goes out to all who were injured or lost loved ones during these violent storms.

During this past week, I've been experimenting with my Silhouette machine and I am happy to report that I love it! I created this for Scrappin' in the City's April DT challenge which was to make something using vinyl. I had this bouncing around in my head for a while and thought that this was the perfect opportunity to finally have it come to fruition. 

Wall vinyl doghouses!

It was super easy as the Cameo has pre-set blade depths and speeds already figured out for you. I'm very happy with how they came out and it's got me thinking about what else I can stick to the walls! Have you created anything with vinyl yet and if so what was it?

Thanks for stopping by and stay scrappy...and safe!

-Gina & the Hounds