Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tools of the Trade Tuesday-Fiskars Sure Cut Paper Trimmer & Hound Drama!

Happy Tuesday!  Before I begin on today's product review, I must tell you about the hound drama this morning at the Bates Motel. The whole family was snuggled in the bed this morning as it started out to be a chilly, overcast day.  Handsome jumped up on Giant's chest as he usually does and Bax was sandwiched between the Giant and myself. Handsome began licking Giant's face and inching toward his nostrils. As he did so, Giant rolled him off, (not knowing that Bax was right next to him and belly up I might add). What ensued can be best summed up this way:

$200 and 3 staples later, Handsome is resting comfortably from his minor surgery to close up an almost inch long laceration on his right front leg. I was so upset to see him in a cone and bumping into walls, that I went out and got him a bitter, no-lick bandage instead.  

We'll see how the bandage works...

Now onto today's product review, the Fiskars Sure Cut Paper Trimmer.  I decided to review this product because it is a question that comes up often at crops.  I have owned paper trimmers from Cutter Bee, American Crafts, We R Memory Keepers, Purple Cow, and have used a variety of guillotine trimmers in teachers' workrooms.  Whenever I am asked which trimmer I think works the best, I always recommend Fiskars.  I have both the large and the smaller version, one for the scrap room and one to bring on crops.  Both cut 12 x 12 sized paper and both have swing arms for larger measurements.

What I like most about the Fiskars trimmers is that you can see where you are actually cutting which allows for more accurate cuts and fewer mistakes. It is able to cut card stock and chipboard with ease.  The replacement blades are easy to find and install as well as inexpensive.  If you are looking to cut other types of material like thin foil sheets, these paper trimmers are not suited for that (as I learned first-hand).  It will shred the cutting wire, rendering your trimmer useless.  You must use a rotary trimmer for those kind of cuts.  I have not tried cutting fabric but I assume that a rotary trimmer would be best suited for that as well. 

Amazon always has a variety to choose from depending on your needs.

And you can't go wrong with a 40% off JoAnn's coupon!

Scrapbook.com has a decent selection great prices as well. 

Thanks for stopping by and stay scrappy!

-Gina & the Hounds